Hi there. I'm Stephanie.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve had a love for all things creative and artsy. I’m sure this drove my mother nuts when I was a child; I can’t tell you how many times I must have “redecorated” my room or started a messy craft project while she was still snoozing on a Saturday morning. As I got older, I would spend hours doodling words in different styles of handwriting while listening to lectures in class or relaxing at home. While I didn’t pursue art as my full-time career, I’ve always maintained my love for art and design in my free time. Little did I know that eventually I would discover a true passion for the art of calligraphy!

My favorite part of being in the calligraphy industry is getting to know my clients through their requests and being able to bring the vision for their projects to life. I love the wide variety of projects I’ve gotten to complete for people – everything from lettering envelopes for special events, to chalk art, to doing artwork for tattoos (and more!) The possibilities are endless, particularly given the opportunities to integrate calligraphy and hand lettering with digital graphic design.

I currently work full time in Higher Education while pursuing all things Ellie and Ace in my spare time. I’m Texas born and bred, and with the exception of a few years through college and graduate school (Go Dawgs!), I’ve been here ever since. I’ve called Dallas home since 2010 and couldn’t be happier. When I’m not working and crafting, you can spot me on a patio or in a dog park with my best little guy, Ace.