Chalkboard & Frames Gallery Wall

I had the opportunity to work on this gallery wall a few weeks back for a wedding here in Dallas. This was by far the biggest project I've done so far. I wish I'd taken a photo of myself next to this wall just for scale purposes. Ha! The church where the wedding was held also happens to be where both the bride and groom work, and they had access to this great three-panel rolling wall. It was previously painted black, but they repainted it with navy blue chalk paint, and then asked me to come in and help with the lettering and some of the layout of the frames. I was able to plan the overall layout and do all of the gold chalk lettering, and her family finished up the hanging of the frames. They did a great job. What I love most about this project was that the bride and groom wanted to feature photos of their individual families and history, as well as their history together. It was very sweet, and so fun to see the old (and new) photos! I snuck back to the church about an hour before the wedding to snag this quick photo of the finished product. Thank you, Bethany, for the opportunity to be part of your special day!